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Tittel: Washing a fursuit head
Skrevet av: Honey07. mar, 2011, 09:56
One of the first things you are being told, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of your beloved fursuit(s) is NOT to wash your head. A lot of people go NOOOOOO as soon as the subject is mentioned.

Well, I like to experiment and I thought it was about time my suit head got a wash, decided to go ahead and try it. I believe fursuits are not made of glass and are not as fragile as people think they are. Building suits myself has given me a good understanding of how much a head can take.

That being said I know different heads has a different tolerance level and I would not advice you to try this unless you are sure your head has a somewhat decent construction. I would also recommend reading Jill's LJ post about how she washed her fursuit head.

Please remember doing this is at your OWN RISK

Can be found here: (

The test subject is Honey Bunny. She is a 7 year old suit with glued head seams. 

Now, I am still in the middle of the process so I will keep you updated on how things will turn out in the end. The head survived the washing in the tub without any harm. I was really rough, squishing, mashing, pulling every single bit of it to get the soap in and rinsed out of the foam again. Nothing has broken and nothing has come loose.

I used cold water and woollite + some normal hair shampoo. The head is currently drying in my work room with a big fan blowing on it.

Progress pictures:




Part 2

It is now the day after the big wash-down of Honey Bunnys head (a 7 year old suit head) and time for a final review.

The head survived and is now squeaky clean and as good as new.

I was really rough with the head, mashing, squishing and in other ways violating the head to a maximum while washing and rinsing. After the wash I squished the water out of the head and put it to dry on a fan over night. With a hairdryer I speeded up the process of drying the fur on the outside, leaving the head on the fan to dry inside.

The head is no completely dry and I only had to glue the eyes back on. I am very happy I did this because now I don't feel gross when putting the head back on - despite both spray and airing and balaclava at each use.

Conclusion: Washing your head IS possible. Try at own risk though.




Questions and comments are welcome.

Tittel: Sv: Washing a fursuit head
Skrevet av: Ukamii Wolf07. mar, 2011, 16:56
It looks soo soft and clean honey, and the fur didnt get curly an ugly  ;) :D
Tittel: Sv: Washing a fursuit head
Skrevet av: Dax Cyro07. mar, 2011, 17:56
Godt å se at alt gikk bra :)
Ren og pen Honey bunny til EF \o/

Men... jeg synes fortsatt bilde nummer 2 ser brutalt ut: "Honey Bunny drunker!".

Takker for guiden.
Tittel: Sv: Washing a fursuit head
Skrevet av: Honey07. mar, 2011, 18:04
Ukamii Wolf: As long as you brush out the fur as its drying it will stay fine and good as new.

Dax Cyro: Yeah I know. Sorry for the brutal pictures xD I also think she looks a bit like a zombie without the eyes installed
Tittel: Sv: Washing a fursuit head
Skrevet av: Wolftale07. mar, 2011, 18:26
Grunnen til at jeg ikke vasker hodet mitt er på grunn av Airbrushinga. (Tørker pent over på utsiden og inni samt, sprayer med anti bakteriell inni hode).
Det eneste annet jeg er litt skeptisk på er å få hode helt tørt =o
Tittel: Sv: Washing a fursuit head
Skrevet av: Honey07. mar, 2011, 18:53
If you make sure there is a good air circulation in the head there wont grow any mildew and mold. My head is completely dry. I left it on the fan over night. And helped dry the fur with my hairdryer