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Tittel: Looking for furs in Trondheim.
Skrevet av: Zver11. sep, 2012, 20:34
Hello everyone.
Is there anyone from Trondheim ?
Im with other 3 furs form Russia will visit Trondheim in 20 September only for weekends would be cool to find someone out there and spend some time at evening  or if there is someone who would like to be a Gide :)
Will be living somewhere in the center of the city so i guess not a big problem to meet.
You can contact me here or ICQ: 265-576-196   or even send sms to +7 921 793 22 25
Tittel: Sv: Looking for furs in Trondheim.
Skrevet av: Dax Cyro18. sep, 2012, 21:29
ZVer! :D
When is the bus leaving again?... Sorry couldn't help myself. You've done a great job with the shuttle buses during EF.

First of all, welcome to Norway. It's expensive here :3
Some of the local furs will definitely have time for you and your fellow furs.
Unfortunately I live to far away from Trondheim, so I wouldn't be able to attend.
Tittel: Sv: Looking for furs in Trondheim.
Skrevet av: Zver19. sep, 2012, 19:26
LoL :)
It will leave at 1 pm next year :) maybe from Brandenburg :)
Yeah i know that its expensive still need to see it myself ;)
Sarah Lynx will poke some furs ;) Will meet at Friday  still i thought that il get more reaply's here :)
Btw... would be nice if some furs could choose English menu at forum :) Poking at buttons that i think the right ones :)
Tittel: Sv: Looking for furs in Trondheim.
Skrevet av: roo_fan19. sep, 2012, 23:30
Welcome to us, Beast. Hope you'll enjoy your stay in Trondheim a lot!

Приветсвую! Как жалко что я не с вами, а? In other words cheers from another Russian furry.  [w-happy]