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Tittel: Helping Paw
Skrevet av: Amri24. jan, 2014, 17:45
Hello Ladies and GentleFurs.

My name is Amri, I am 21 yo Wufsky from Latvia. Next week I’m flying to Oslo and will stay there for next 2 week( 27Jan till 9 Feb). I’ve never been in Norway before but I it is amazing place to live. Unfortunately since I’ve never been nor on EF nor NordicFuzzCon and communicated mainly with Russian furries.
 realized that I don’t know anyone from Norway to show me city and just for good time spending (Sad Doggy is Sad =/ )
I asked few of my Russian furry friends if they know anyone from Norway.Followin their advice I contacted Mr.Baxxter( He
would like to meet up but he will be out of Norway next week)

I’ll be living in Lilestrom city( but will travel to Oslo on daily basis) If anyone would be so kind and would like to handle me a
helping paw, I would be one very very happy dog.(Hugs appreciated!!! Woof ^__^)

I’m up to anything to be honest. Meet up, have a cup of tea in local café and have a chat with local furs ? I will come.
Crazy rave night party ? You can count on me ! Still and calm table game in cozy atmosphere ? Why not ^__^
Aimlessly hanging around the town? I’ve never been in Oslo, yes, I would like to see the town.
Even going to some sort of trip and the beuty of Norwegian nature would be great ^__^

I can speak Latvian, Russian(Free) English(Not perfect but very fluent) And just a tiny bit of German.
I’m looking forward to meet new instresting furries in Norway. AROOO!!!!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me here or in skype(cyjiik)
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Skrevet av: Dax Cyro24. jan, 2014, 19:34
Hello there Amri.

I live and work in Oslo myself.
My work place is only 5 minutes away from Oslo S (our main train terminal).
Though I live a 30 minutes buss ride away from Oslo S. Ironically train to Lillestrøm is quicker (20 minutes) :p

Also I must warn you. Norway... is... expensive.
I'm not joking. Whenever we have foreign furs here it always surprise them how expensive stuff is here.
Tittel: Sv: Helping Paw
Skrevet av: Amri24. jan, 2014, 19:57
I was warned that Norway is extremely expensive, but no worries, i think i can deal with it  [w-cool]....or maybe not ^__^
Anyway i got some of my expenses covered plus only divine intervention can stop me from meeting and cuddling with instresting furs

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Skrevet av: Ziggy Wolf24. jan, 2014, 22:05
Dude, We sould introduce you to the pack.
Annyhow I`d love to show you around.
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Skrevet av: Amri26. jan, 2014, 10:54
Yaaay ^__^ *Husky victory dance*

 Do you have skype ? if you do please leave me contact. If you dont,how should i contact you ?

Tittel: Sv: Helping Paw
Skrevet av: Amri25. feb, 2014, 18:23
I just wanted to say a little word of gratitude and acknowledgment to everyone who was so kind and spent their time and energy to show me around and not letting me die from boredom in my apartment for the 3 weeks i've been in Norway.

I don't wanna pick names since i equally love you all guys, but i woudnt happen if Dax woudnt reply to this topic and woudnt introduced Leophan to me.

I'm gonna miss you guys, just leave me a msg if you would like to pay me return visit, we probably can arrange it.
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Skrevet av: Dax Cyro26. feb, 2014, 08:19
Glad I could help, and glad you enjoyed yourself.
Hopefully me and Tora will have more time next time around.

It was a pleasure meeting you :)