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Tittel: Ello, new here!
Skrevet av: Leto03. aug, 2022, 09:38
I'm Leto, a Norwegian furry artist and animator from Finnmark.

I've been a furry and an artist since 2010 or so.

I registered about a week ago, so I wonder if this site is still active?
Or did I contemplate joining for too long... 🤔

Haha, anyways, I hope whoever's active on here are doing well!
Or future people who come across this, hope you are doing well too.
Tittel: Sv: Ello, new here!
Skrevet av: Leophan04. aug, 2022, 13:21
Hi :)

The forum pretty much died when Telegram took over back in the day.

This is where it's at these days
Tittel: Sv: Ello, new here!
Skrevet av: Leto05. aug, 2022, 10:25
Aww, that's unfortunate!
I do wonder, if this site could be repurposed to give people a reason to be more active on here again?
As known as this website was for the Norwegian / Scandinavian furry community back in the days, this site could have a hidden potential, I feel.
Unless it's already been decided to keep this site semi-inactive.

Just a thought. 🙂