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Emner - Chelsea

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Fursuit / Chelsea fursuit
« på: 25. des, 2014, 17:38 »
Here a few picture of Chelsea, she is my character and I made the suit.
I will be wearing her during every meetings and conventions I will attend:

Introduksjoner / Hello
« på: 25. des, 2014, 17:36 »
Hello fellow norwegian furs, I am Chelsea Chamberlain.
I am a karelian dog, that you can see here:

I am an artist, I mostly upload my art on inkbunny rather than furaffinity, I also create personal fursuits.
I used to intend Anthrocon, Furfright/furpocalypse and Midwest Furfest.
I have now moved for the second time in Norway, but sadly I do not speak norwegian yet.
I am now in lillehammer, so if you live close by and want to hang out with me, you are more than welcome.
Don't be confused by the gender of my character, I am indeed male in real life.

I wish you all a merry winterfest and soon to be new year, and that you enjoy your time around.
Looking forward fursuiting n most european convention.

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