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Spill / Elder Scrolls Online
« på: 08. mar, 2014, 22:12 »
Ok who plans on playing this game? I was thinking we could make a guild for us in there so we could all play together. Or does anyone have a guild there already? Cos if so, i want to join!

That's right, it's being discussed here in Norway as well. Closing, and blocking, of web-sites, banning users from the internet, giving out private info without involving the police, etc. And they're discussing it in silence.

Spill / Steam Great Gift Pile Tradeoffs
« på: 24. des, 2011, 15:06 »
With Steams new trading section, we're now able to trade items and games. And with this new holiday season and it's many gifts (and coals), we may all have gotten items and games we don't want and want to either give them away or trade them for something else.

So i figured we might as well make a little trading topic here so we can pawn things off on someone else who might want what we don't need (or want).

I f,ex, have gotten a coupon for "-33% off on any (one) Valve games" and coupon that gives me a "Hitman collection" (Silent assassin, blood money and codename 47". And as it would seem, i already own all Valve games, and i don't care about hitman games at all. But maybe one of you /do/? So then you can have it/them from me for free. I don't need anything back, but it would be nice to see what others have to spare so maybe i can get a fun game for christmas too!

So list your unwanted (steam) christmas gifts here so others may enjoy what you don't want.

Like i said, i have so far these items to give away.

- 1 coupons for "-33% off of any (one) Valve game).
- 1 coupons for "-50% off of any (one) Valve game).
- A coupon for "Hitman collection".
- A coupon for "Hitman - Blood Money".
- A coupon for "The Orange Box"
- A coupon for -10% off an Activision game.
- A coupon for -50% off the Oddworld Box (which is on sale right now for 75% off btw:p)

Any takers? They're free for grabs.

Tøydyr / Another site for us rich people to check out:p
« på: 10. des, 2011, 05:09 »
Just thought people should know about this site. Prices aren't bad at all and they look great. It's in Denmark, but they ship to Norway.

Spill / In the mood for some indie gaming?
« på: 30. jul, 2011, 16:44 »
Just thought i'd let everyone know about this awesome deal that's going around these days.

EDIT: The bundle is now expired. Too bad for those who didn't buy it!:p

For the Norwegian-impaired / Google+ invite for everyone!
« på: 18. jul, 2011, 20:14 »
I just joined google+, and apparently now i can invite people too. So i figured maybe someone here might want to look into it too. It's new after all. Just leave an email address here and i'll send an invite your way.

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