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Denne delen lar deg se alle innlegg laget av dette medlemmet. Merk at du bare kan se innlegg gjort i områder du har tilgang til.

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Woo! I'm coming soon. Anyone want to schedule some time to hang out? Already gonna do coffee with Trash =3

I might attend Desucon, but I'm not sure. I do want to meet more Norwegian furs, but Cesfur (a Czech Republic fur con) falls on the same weekend. Honestly, I'm not a fan of Japanese stuff; I'd mostly go to the con just to meet other furs.

Right now I'm leaning toward Cesfur. It might be easier logistically (i can easily book a room at Cesfur, but I imagine it'd be harder at Desucon). But I do want to meet more Norwegians... hopefully I can do that when I'm in Norway regardless.

I've actually met you before! I'll add ya to skype

How English-friendly is desucon?

Woo! I think I'll go to this.

This time I'm gonna have a smart phone + data plan with me, so hopefully I'll be able to navigate more easily.

Hey all,

I'm a fox from Austin, Texas and I'm going to be visiting Norway this summer. I've visited twice before, and I know T.F. Baxxter, Mouseclick, Sarovak, Skarpen, and a few other Norwegian folk.

I love board games, especially casual roleplaying-style games like Betrayal at the House on the Hill, which I plan on bringing with me, and I also like the storytelling game Once Upon a Time. I'll play almost any type of board game, though, and I'm a big fan of the Youtube series "Tabletop".

As of now, it appears that I'll arrive around June 7th (plus or minus one week) and I'll stay for perhaps a week, but my plans are open to change. I'm looking at staying at a hostel, but if anyone has a spare bed or couch and wants to offer crash space, I'd be quite glad for that.

Sounds like a good plan to me =3 I'm all up for it. I don't have definitive plans with anyone besides Monday now, so if ya'll decide ya'll would like to hang out with me more, just ask =3

Borrowing a deck sounds good! I already have more than enough luggage. Anyone want to pay on Mondady?


I'm gonna be invading your country, arriving at 15.30 on Monday, 12th of December. I'll be leaving at 13:20 on Friday, December 16. I'll be staying at the Anker hostel.

Some of ya'll have said ya'll want to play magic together and such. I'm open for it. Monday would probably work best for that, and should ya'll decide ya like me, we could hang out later in the week. BUT I need to know where to buy cards in Oslo first before I play. And keep in mind that I've only played once before so I probably won't be great competition. We can do other stuff, though. I have a completely open schedule, too.

If you'd like to hang out, pleace specify a date and time in this thread.


Sorry for the late reply, guys.

By the way, I'm making this trip to scandinavia 'cause I want to immigrate. I'm serious about this and well educated, so I'm pretty determined to see this through. If it turns out that Norway is a better fit for me than Sweden, it's pretty important for me to realize that sooner than later. MOVING ON.

I don't even have a deck yet for Magic! I just borrowed someone else's. I might just buy one before I head your way, though!

I know a skunk who lives near Helsingborg, a fox in Uppsala, and a hyena in Stockholm.

I'm actually an otter, and I usually go by the alias Masquerade. I don't have anything on FA. Honestly, the only things I have worth sharing are a writing guide and a kinky porn story that was featured on SoFurry for a while. I nuked my stuff, though, 'cause I get a bit...I dunno, anxious about having my work publicly viewable.

I study studio art, Skarpen -- in other words, I'm an artist. I draw naked people.

I've decided to stay in Anker Hostel. What days and when would ya'll like to hang out?

YES, I do play magic! I played it for the first time a couple of weeks ago =3 I've only played it that one time, though, so I'm quite new.

Yeah, I'd like to compare Norway and Sweden. I've mostly focused on Sweden because they've been more heavily written about in popular press and it's been easier to get ahold of Swedes online. I know very little about Norway but I would like to know more, and I've considered studying there -- I'll probably either study in Sweden or Norway next year (currently it looks like Sweden's the most likely, 'cause Norway has no exchange programs with my university, while Sweden has at least two).

I'm from Austin, Tx.
I'm in my mid-twenties, a guy, and I'm a university undergraduate studying studio art.
I'm seriously considering emmigrating out of the US, probably to Sweden but also possibly to Norway, because A) our healthcare system is terrible B) our politics is terrible C) our justice system is terrible, etcetera. There are also some other reasons, but the simple truth is that Norway and Sweden are better countries than the US. Not that we're setting a high standard or anything...
I've been in the fandom for 12 years.
I've only been abroad once, in London for about a week.
I don't always reply to memes with another meme, but when I do, I pretend I'm Canadian and I'm sorry.
Yeah, I know a couple of Swedes -- I'll be staying with one near Helsingborg, actually. I've been hoping to get to know some Norwegians =3

Hey, it's great to see that so many people want to hang out =3 But what you ya'll want to do? I'm not much of a tourist; I'm more interested in hanging out with locals and doing what ya'll normally do. I'm up for board games and card games and such, by the way, Miles.

I don't have an FA, but I've created an Ask Me Anything thread here:

If you want to know anything about me, just ask!

Hi Norwegian furs,

Do you want to know anything about the furry fandom in America? Or what it's like to have 26 C weather for 11 months out of the year in Texas? I'll answer whatever questions you have -- about me, the US, deconstructionist analysis of post-modernist feminist literature -- whatever. =P Ask me anything!

OK, I've booked my flights: I'll be in Oslo from December 12 to 16.

Thanks for the link, Wolftale! I'm looking at staying at a hostel. Thon hotels is a bit over my nudget. Have any of ya'll stayed at any of the hostels in Oslo, or heard anything about them?

And sure, I'll hang out! Anything you want to do, Bird?

H'okay guys and gals,

I'm hitting Sweden and Norway and Denmark this winter. I'm set for Sweden and Denmark, but Norway is gonna be a bit of a challenge, because I know almost nothing about Norway. So, I'm gonna ask ya'll:



Aweosome; I've added you to my contacts list, Trash, and I've sent you my info, Tellos.

Hi Norwegian furs,

I'm an American fur and I plan to study in Sweden in less than a year from now. I'll probably stay in Sweden for a year, and I'll visit Norway sometime during that time. If I could meet some of ya'll when I visit, that would be awesome.

As for myself, I like to think that I'm friendly and outgoing. I'm going to college now, studying art, and it's pretty great. I draw a lot of naked people. I'm pretty new to art but I'm trying to get better =3 I've just started to learn Swedish, too. So I guess I'm starting a lot of things right now =3

I wonder, would anyone here like an AMA? (Ask Me Anything?) I might be able to provide some insights into American culture or politics or what the fandom is like over here.

I have MSN (Live Messenger) and AIM and Skype, so if you'd like to yap at me on any one of those, send me a private message.


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