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Fortellinger/eventyr på podcast
« på: 29. mar, 2011, 04:39 »
Nettsiden AnthroDreams har en del fortellinger som du kan laste ned og høre på. Her er noen av mine favoritter.

Jeg sover bedre med noe å lytte til så jeg anbefaler å sette på disse når du legger deg :)

Christmas at War
"Two bitter high school rivals are forced together, first by their parents and then by circumstances, into an uneasy Christmas truce, but will the cease-fire last past the holiday?"

The Beast in the Rain
"The Beast in the Rain" appeared in the fiction anthology Different Worlds, Different Skins, which featured fiction of human/anthro interactions. Besides giving some nice back-story on genetic-engineered races and their relationship to humanity, the story also has some gripping and moving drama. It was on another stormy night like this one where Shane lost Becky, now he’s forced to confront all those memories and unresolved feelings once again."

Map of Scars
"King Teelin of the nation of the wolf has served his people well in the four years since his father's death, but now his charismatic and powerful older brother has returned to challenge him for the crown."

The Cuteness that Came to Asgarth
"Now that we’re halfway through October, we have another Halloween story. This is the second of Simon Barber’s H. P. Lushcraft tales to have appeared here, which are loving comedic homages to the milieu of H. P. Lovecraft. The story mixes wry dark humor with horror elements, as well as some romance this time. "