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*springy introduction*

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Hey! Let me introduce myself as Pogo, the English speaking, English bred, bad-Norwegian-speaking Welsh Corgi. Holla!

I hope to someday be a part of the not-so-impaired Norsk speakin' section of the forum, but for now, I'm a scrub! [laugh]

Either way! My reason for (finally) joining is because my plans to move to Norway with my boyfriend are becoming more solidified, and even now, I spend a lot of time in the Oslo area! I've already met a few Norwegian furs and I thought it was time to take the next pawstep on my tippy toes... I'm a little nervous, surrounded by cool viking-furs...! [ureshii]

I'm pretty friendly and will be attempting to show my fluffy face around some of the English speaking threads and tentatively lurk the Norwegian ones... Say hi if you wanna! [eek]

Velkommen skal du være <3
This fluffy butt is mine! x3

Welcome! C:

Welcome  ;D

Hi and welcome to the forum ^w^


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