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Newcomer here!

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So firstly, hei hei alle sammen!
I'm Charade, an angel dragon from the United States. I'm currently an artist looking forward to possibly applying to a Folkehøgskole some time next year. Besides art I do almost anything creative: sewing, playing music, dancing, writing, cooking and more. My family is Norwegian so I have grown up between the states and Norway and am familiar with the language. I should note that I only learned how to speak (basic) Norwegian, so I don't know how to write. I can understand a lot, and my reading skills are passable, I just can't reply, or at least not well, på norsk. Men, jeg kan prøve.

English is probably best for now while I'm improving my writing and vocabulary, but I would still like to meet some new people and maybe chat some time!

Velkommen til forumet!

Don't worry about not being able to reply fully in Norsk, most if not everyone here speak English so no worries =)

Velkommen hit [w-happy]
Håper du blir å trives ;D

Velkommen hit!

En ting kan jeg jo nevne, og det er at jo mer norsk du leser, jo lettere blir det å kunne skrive det senere :3 Sånn var det i det minste for meg med engelsk!

Håper du liker deg her o/

Velkommen! :D


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