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Hei~ I'm new here and might like help learning more Norwegian


     Hello! I'm Tay. I would make a introduction in the proper forum area but I don't feel ready for that. Heard of this site from a friend as a suggestion as a place to find friends that might could help me further my learning of Norwegian. I was too anxious to throw myself out there and it's been awhile since I practiced but I thought better late than never.

I consider myself to speak an elementary level of the language, but I would appreciate interaction to kinda warm me up and feel more welcome to speak it more as I have issues socially with the worry of saying something wrong and embarrassing myself, though I hear Norway is rather accepting and appreciate someone making the attempt to speak properly. I hope that's true.  [smile] Any suggestions are appreciated.

I live in the eastern US if it matters for timezone reasons, and I'm aware of the time difference and keep track of it. I figured here would be better than just "any ol site" as I'd meet people with similar interests on the way. So anyway! Nice to see this place and hope this is an okay post to make. Thanks for reading c:

Welcome to the site, Tay! It's not as active as it used to be, but it's always nice to have another member here.

My recomendation is to join our Discord server:

The .gg link at the bottom is the invite link.

Then it should be easy to ask questions and get quick answers, can even call ppl over to the voice channel or make your own chat group. GL

Last but not least.. Welcome here ^^3

Thank you both! It is appreciated. c:

I'll check out that Discord server


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