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Hei ^_^ (English topic)

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Hi there *huggles everyone* =:3

First of all, let me apologise for my lack of Norwegian. I may have a Scandinavian name but my skills in the language are pretty bad :(

I'm a happy, smiley, bouncing, 21 year old bunny from that cold and wet little island known as the UK. I live in a town called Bolton which is near Manchester. I don't particularly like it here and plan to move elsewhere sometime in the future.

I have always loved everything Scandinavian (as you may guess from my name :3), but more specifically Norway. I love the language (the sound of it makes me all gooey, it's sooo lovely), the country, and the people ^_^. I haven't, however, come across many Norwegian furs :(

In fact, I've only ever seen 1. He was one of the very first I ever met nearly a year ago and he is such a sweetie ^_^ (I found out about this forum from him but he doesn't post here anymore) but since then I haven't seen anymore Norsk Furs which is a shame :(

I'm not sure what else to write now, so if anyone wants to know more then just ask away

Nice to meet you all =:3

Hi there greetings from a russian wolf, who commands both English and Norwegian more or less perfectely. Don't worry I won't eat you, even though you look a bit tasty, I'm currently on a diet :) Hope you'll have a great time here. Wolf out.

[laugh] I've been hunting dust bunnies every day for so long, so no more bunnies for me .. It just gives me a bad cough.

Well, enough of the jokes ^^;; Welcome, nice of you to join us, if you check confuzzled then you can see that there will be some furs heading to Manchester, and if you are going to EuroFurence then you can expect a whole busload of Norwegian furs ^^ we are planing a trip there this year.. it's gonna be fun.

um.. I'm in a rush .. will return.

Kanin ^^
Nice to meet you.
Maby  I'll even meet you on confuzzled this year?

Welcome :D have a nice time!


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