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Underholdning / It is reported that Madden NFL 23 has made changes
« Nyeste innlegg av MeadeDorian I dag kl. 04:52 »
The question mark remains what else goes along with seventeen games Madden 23 Coins? Are the increased retirement benefits as well as minimum salaries connected to the 17-game plan? Will those disappear if the players don't want to play 17 games? If so, will higher wages for younger players and more benefits for retired players justify not receiving up to 49 or 50 percent revenue share?

Many players would think it's. Taking care of the entire collective is the main goal of the union. the possibility of sacrificing a cent or two would give the primary players more money in their pockets, they'd be for it.

Also, most players would like their week 17 pay to be comparable to that of the rest of the season. The pay will be set at $250. 000 for that additional game. However, Peter King reported in his Football Morning in America column that individual players can ask for more money from their teams for Week 17. Out of all requests for more funds, this appears as if it's the easiest to get.

The second issue is one that I've been discussing for a long time in the past: health care benefits after the players' careers are over. We currently can avail five years' insurance on health after retirement. For players, they want more since a 17th game and more playoff games can be a risk for the body.

It is reported that Madden NFL 23 has made changes to the current benefits of retired players, for example, establishing clinics in Madden NFL 23 cities for retired players to visit. There are questions especially about who's paying the services. The Madden NFL 23? For players, this isn't good enough. They want to be sure they're protected by insurance beyond five years.

I've proposed this before however a tiered system to provide health care would be effective. You play for four years and you get the five-year health insurance. Five seasons equals seven years of health care and so on Buy Mut 23 Coins. I do not expect owners to give players lifetime health insurance as I don't think players expect this in negotiations.
DeMar DeRozan has been named the Bulls best-rated player. DeMar boasts a 90 overall rating after his DeMarvelous debut campaign in Chicago NBA 2K MT. What did I do there? Zach LaVine follows with an all-time high of 88. In the early part of July, a leak that contained scores of the team's starters was published all over the internet. A majority of the figures in the leak were true when you cross-check Tuesday's latest leak.

The only difference I can find can be seen is Patrick Williams is a 74 overall instead of 75. It's really quite bizarre the fact that NBA 2K23 places Williams one point lower than Chicago Bulls' reserve center Tony Bradley. Although Williams did miss most of the 2022-23 season with a wrist injury, this number isn't too high for the third-year forward of Florida State. Additionally there's an Chicago Bulls' player missing from the leak of NBA 2K23 ratings. The missing player comes from young Dalen Terry.

I admit that year after year I find myself caring to much about what the game's storyline has to be saying, yet we must not forget that it provides us with a good idea of what players' opinions are heading into a new year. You can imagine it being a huge power ranking of almost everyone in the league - one which actually gives the Bulls roster some respect this time around.

NBA 2K23 announced today that DeMar DeRozan checks in with an 89-overall, while Zach LaVine will enter the season with an 88. The ranking is a pretty significant boost for DeRozan following having started the year with just 85. With regard to LaVine, however, he is just one slot higher to NBA 2K22's 87. While I'm sure each is worthy of crossing the 90s's threshold that is sought-after, an 88 and 89 put them in quite a good group.

For example, DeRozan is placed ahead of Rudy Gobert and just two places in front of Devin Booker. LaVine's rank is higher than that of players such as Zion Williamson and Jaylen Brown. One aspect that DeRozan also has in his favor is a top position on the dunking charts Buy 2K23 MT. LaVine's score of 95 puts him ahead of only Ja Morant and Zion Williamson as one of the best slammers in the league.
Introduksjoner / Canada While FIFA 23 made the top place in Europe
« Nyeste innlegg av MeadeDorian I dag kl. 04:38 »
Every year, Sony will announce the most downloaded titles on the PlayStation Store for September 2022. The list reveals the most popular PS4, PS5, PS VR, and free-to-play games of the month both in North America and Europe FIFA 23 Coins, and there's not much on the horizon this month.

Beginning with PS5 gaming, NBA 2K23 was the most downloaded game on PSN in September in North America, while FIFA 23 was the top game available in Europe (which isn't a surprise considering the popularity of football is in Europe). Another new release in September, The Last of Us Part 1 was ranked 3rd in both regions.

In the transition to PS4, NBA 2K23 was the most downloaded game of the month across the US and Canada While FIFA 23 made the top place in Europe. Regarding PSVR titles, Beat Saber was the most popular. 1 game in both North America and Europe, with Job Simulator and Superhot VR placed second and third respectively in both regions.

For free-to-play games covering PS5 and PS4 as a whole, Fortnite was the most-downloaded game in the US and Canada in addition to Rumbleverse was the most played free-toplay game in Europe.

Check out the top-downloaded PSN games in September here according to the data compiled by Sony and shared at the PlayStation Blog.In another piece of PlayStation news, PS4's God of War Ragnarok has been officially certified gold as PlayStation has confirmed the fact that it was created by nine different studios.

Sony has ambitious plans for its next generation of virtual reality hardware and buy FUT 23 Coins plans to have 2 million units of its PSVR 2 headset ready by the end of March in 2019.
Leker / Sv: Tell til 10 før en admin poster!
« Nyeste innlegg av Space 05. mar, 2023, 21:14 »
Leker / Sv: Tell til 10 før en admin poster!
« Nyeste innlegg av Dragon_Pancake 04. mar, 2023, 18:44 »
Leker / Sv: Tell til 10 før en admin poster!
« Nyeste innlegg av Pax 04. mar, 2023, 14:19 »
2 :)
For the Norwegian-impaired / Sv: New Fox in Bergen
« Nyeste innlegg av Dragon_Pancake 04. mar, 2023, 05:41 »
Hi there  :)
The forum is pretty dead these days, as you can probably tell. Most of the norwegian furry community moved over to telegram and discord a while ago
I'm not from Bergen myself, but I know there's a telegram group you could join if you want https://t.me/joinchat/BUbYWRfT5n_L_8Vs2vFIhA
Leker / Sv: Tell til 10 før en admin poster!
« Nyeste innlegg av Dragon_Pancake 04. mar, 2023, 05:25 »
Pax prøver cpr på forumet. Atrox sier nei

Leker / Sv: Tell til 10 før en admin poster!
« Nyeste innlegg av Atrox 04. mar, 2023, 00:13 »
Leker / Sv: Tell til 10 før en admin poster!
« Nyeste innlegg av Pax 04. mar, 2023, 00:13 »
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