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Emner - Charade

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Bjeff! Mjau! Mø! / Spør for en venn i Bergen
« på: 05. jan, 2020, 02:05 »
Hei hei! Jeg må skrive på engelsk, so, sorry before I begin.
I have a friend living outside Bergen who recently joined the fandom and could use some people to hang out with or talk to. He's very social but has a hard time reaching out, so I'm posting this hoping some people here might help him make some friends. He also doesn't trust strangers so it might be hard to get to know him, but, he really likes video games, especially Pokemon, Steven Universe, and is obsessed with cats. He usually has his head in the clouds and puts others before himself way too much. He also overthinks a LOT, so beware. If you can be patient he's a really nice guy to know.
Hvis du har lyst å være kjent med ham sende meg en melding eller skrive her og jeg skal prøve overbevise ham om ta kontact.  Takk og jeg håper å høre fra dere  :)

Også, jeg så at det var en Telegram gruppe for folk som bor i Bergen men jeg vet ikke hvor jeg finner den. Han har en Telegram men han bruker den aldri, så jeg tror at noe som det er en god plass å begynne. Hvis dere har noe info gi meg beskjed

(If any of my Norwegian is wrong or weird please don't hesitate to say something. I'm still learning so corrections help)

For the Norwegian-impaired / Newcomer here!
« på: 09. nov, 2015, 00:29 »
So firstly, hei hei alle sammen!
I'm Charade, an angel dragon from the United States. I'm currently an artist looking forward to possibly applying to a Folkehøgskole some time next year. Besides art I do almost anything creative: sewing, playing music, dancing, writing, cooking and more. My family is Norwegian so I have grown up between the states and Norway and am familiar with the language. I should note that I only learned how to speak (basic) Norwegian, so I don't know how to write. I can understand a lot, and my reading skills are passable, I just can't reply, or at least not well, på norsk. Men, jeg kan prøve.

English is probably best for now while I'm improving my writing and vocabulary, but I would still like to meet some new people and maybe chat some time!

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