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A little early, but...
« på: 14. jul, 2013, 20:43 »
Hello all,

First of all, apologies for being pretty limited to this section of the forum. My Norwegian is, uh, very impaired. Particularly the reading/writing part.

See, I'm American, and my partner of six years is Norwegian. Through a Series of Unfortunate Events, she can no longer stay here in New England, and so... she's moving home, to Norway. With any luck, I'll be following once my Fiancee Permit clears. Of course, that could easily take over six months...

I've never been to Norway. I speak very little of the language (working with a Pimsleur audio program, but it's slow going). I'm pretty scared, to be honest, and thought that maybe getting to know some other furs would help out a bit! I'm actually usually a lurker in the fandom, but I've been around for over a decade by this point, enjoying the art and stories. Only been to one con, myself, and I don't know too many furs well, so I'm hoping I can change that.

I'm female, mid-twenties, and enjoy art, sculpture, animation, horticulture, and general geekery. Particularly roleplaying. I do some art on a hobby level, but I've been stuck in a dry spell for a while, so I really don't have anything recent to show off. I'm also into dog training and behavior, and when I come to stay, I'll be bringing my miniature poodle, Samwise.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!


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Sv: A little early, but...
« Svar #1 på: 14. jul, 2013, 20:44 »
welcome!!!! ^^


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Sv: A little early, but...
« Svar #2 på: 14. jul, 2013, 20:57 »
First of all, hello and welcome! :D

Norwegians dont bite, but we can be shy to people talking english (no idea why tho) so if someone is trying to avoid you, it's because theyre either bad at english, or just so shy they dont know what to do ^^

and you shouldnt be scared, as i mentioned, we dont bite :p ive heard tho that the Norwegian language is somewhat hard to learn, but you will probably do just fine ^^

you will probably find someone here on the forum that is more than willing to help you out with Norwegian ^^ so again, welcome to the place that holds a few but very nice furs ! :) Norwegianpaws ftw!

(my english aint the best, please ignore the spelling and such ^^)

The more i learn about people, the more i like my dog.


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Sv: A little early, but...
« Svar #3 på: 16. jul, 2013, 23:38 »
Well hello ^~^

Most of us on the forum haven't really met irl, so this is as good a place  to find new friends as any other :)
It's kinda funny, but we have a ton of the same interests/hobbies. I especially interest me for art(mostly digital drawing though) and dog behaviour. I do not know what Horticulture mean though ^^;

Do you know where your fiancee/you will be moving too in Norway? it's not a huge country, but it's pretty stretched - and with furries scattered all over :P Don't dogs need some shots/quarantine when crossing borders?
Not quite sure of how the rules are now, but I think it was that if you don't start giving the dog the right shots 6months before travelling, it needs to be in a 1yr quarantine upon arrival.


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Sv: A little early, but...
« Svar #4 på: 30. sep, 2013, 09:14 »
Hello and welcome my friend!

You might here we Norwegian is Nice and everything. Don't listen to them. We are the best :P and you have charm the correct way to start your journey in norway.

And if you want i can help you with your Norwegian :) if you want to learn "Nynorsk" insted of "Bokmål". The 2 differensiert types of Norwegian.

Skype: Fred.ove
Add me if you want me as your mentor through Norwegian. You can also Ask your partner to help you ;)