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Skyee's generelle commissionemne!
« på: 16. feb, 2015, 23:09 »

Hello guys! I'd just like to let you all know my commissions are all open mostly all the time unless I get too much work to finish in a timely matter! :)

I also kinda wanted to make this. Hopefully its all easy to understand!

If you want to order a drawing from me, note me, comment below or email me at

--> Icon
Reference sheet/description of character:
Paypal address:

--> Pixel art
What you'd like: Doll/sprite/icon
What size:
Reference sheet/description:
Paypal address:

--> Badge
What you'd like: Headshot/Bust/Waist up/full body
Reference sheet/description:
Paypal address:

--> Reference sheet
Old ref/art of character: (leave this out if you don't have anything)
What you'd like: Quick/Simple/Detailed
Description of character:
Paypal address:

» Pixel art -> Sprites.
My sprites are pixeldrawings that are at the size of old pokemonsprites with 4 colors, and the colors are usually inspired by old pokemon sprites. Example of pokemon games I'd take colorschemes from are: Blue/red, Yellow, Gold/silver and the like.

» Reference sheets.
» Quick refs are usually kinda rushed, so if you need a quick finished ref, give me a date you want it done for and I'll make it within that timespan. This usually includes two fullbody views of your character, sketchy lines with solid colours.

» Simple refs usually include two views of your character and a headshot + written details about your character, such as name, sexuality, gender and the like. It is drawn with solid linearts and colouring. No shading.

» Detailed refs usually include up to three or four views of your character, and up to two headshots. It also shows of items and clothes your character would wear or use. Written details are also included if wanted. it is drawn with solid linearts and colours with shading.

» Custom designs
If you don't have a fursona/persona/alter ego or generally just want a new character, I'm willing to make you one! This usually includes one view of your character. If you want a simple ref to go with, you'd only have to add 30 US. Dollars!

» Digital paintings.
These vary from what drawingstyle you'd want your drawing in, how many characters and what background you want if you want one. Note me, send me an email or comment below and we'll talk about it :)

» Prints.
I can make prints happen! Just note me and we'll figure out the prices :) Since I'm not the one printing, I'll have to ask the guys who work at the printing workshop and how much it would cost ^^

If you want anything of my existing art as a print, you'll have to make sure no one else paid me to make it for them first. So only drawings I've made for fun or for myself. If you want a painting I've made for someone else on your wall, you'll have to ask the owner first!

Skype: Glowtard