Skrevet av Emne: Azraille  (Lest 1034 ganger)


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« på: 03. nov, 2015, 19:05 »
Jeg har utrolig mange fursonaer it seems..

either way, Azraille er en av to fursonaer jeg bruker mest :3 Så tenkte jeg kunne lage et emne om henne og.

(Her feral size is smaller compared to anthro than shown on the ref...)

Age: 20
Species: Western Coyote
Sexuality: Asexual - panromantic.
Gender: female
Height: Anthro: 170cm tall | Feral: 1,15cm in lenght | Tail: 38cm long.
Weight: Anthro: 65kg | Feral: 10kg.
Body: Slim, thick fur.
General: Very anxious without anyone she knows and feels safe with around. Usually not seen smiling without anyone she's comfortable with. Her fur is mainly black/dark gray, but when sunlight or any other kind of light hits her fur, it shines off in different pretty colours (kind of like a crow or magpie). Can also be drawn with braids in her mane. Smoke coming out of her eyes, mouth, and nose is optional.
Likes: food, collects lighters, long walks, mist or rain/darker weather (not fond of sunlight because it causes migraines).
Dislikes: noise, loud sounds, uncertainty,
Clothes: (aesthetic on point tho ;D) + plaid.
Accessories: Large golden earrings, armbands and necklesses, nosering. Can be seen smoking or flicking around with a lighter/zippo. Can be drawn with large geeky-looking glasses.

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Sv: Azraille
« Svar #1 på: 03. nov, 2015, 21:05 »
hun er kjempe peeeen <3
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