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Spill / Sv: Elder Scrolls Online
« på: 30. mar, 2014, 23:19 »
Me! I am! :p Tho i'm starting over again as i need 2 characters. My first character is lvl 7 already! ^^,

Spill / Sv: Hva spiller du for tiden?
« på: 20. mar, 2014, 16:48 »
Dragon's Dogma DA & Dark Souls II

Spill / Sv: Elder Scrolls Online
« på: 20. mar, 2014, 16:47 »
Great! then we have a few people who might be interested! I think 5 or 6 is required to start a guild, and then i think we get a bank at least. That will come in handy. I don't think we can get a marketplace before we have 50 members tho. But i hope they change that. Well, depending on how the marketplace works:p

Spill / Sv: Elder Scrolls Online
« på: 10. mar, 2014, 23:36 »
Since you have imperial edition, race doesn't matter, only location for if we can group or not. At least i think so. I never tried grouping with someone other than my friends, who were the same race and place as me.

Spill / Sv: Elder Scrolls Online
« på: 09. mar, 2014, 22:08 »
Well, once we have enough people in-game, we can make a guild if people want it. Then everyone has a place to be once they start out^^,

Spill / Sv: Elder Scrolls Online
« på: 09. mar, 2014, 21:43 »
I play games so much that those 100 becomes 3.5 KR a day. Super cheap entertainment for me:p And it will be the only online game i pay for now that i don't play wow anymore. I really need to start spending more money...

Spill / Sv: Elder Scrolls Online
« på: 09. mar, 2014, 21:41 »
I'm gonna be khajiit too! We already have everything in common:p I've been playing the beta 3 times as well, and i loved what i saw. I had tons of fun in the game playing with friends, and i can't wait until the game is out.

Naturally, fanboy as i am, i have pre-ordered the imperial edition, so i'm ready! I'm gonna be playing a bow-wielding Storm Caller Sorcerer with an anger problem:p I like helping people, so i don't mind grouping up with low level players and helping them some, if that will be possible in the finished game (it wasn't really like that in the beta. But i complained about it to the developers).  At least it is possible to help by crafting better gear for players who are starting out.

I don't think i will be a good guild leader, but we can at least make something so people here can be welcome into the game later on if they choose to try it. It's a place to start out at least. If they want to stay, that would be great^^, If i remember correctly, 6 people were needed to make a guild. 50 to enable to "shop" system.

Spill / Elder Scrolls Online
« på: 08. mar, 2014, 22:12 »
Ok who plans on playing this game? I was thinking we could make a guild for us in there so we could all play together. Or does anyone have a guild there already? Cos if so, i want to join!

Spill / Sv: Hva spiller du for tiden?
« på: 27. mai, 2012, 00:53 »
Dragon's Dogma og RE:ORC

For the Norwegian-impaired / Sv: Google+ invite for everyone!
« på: 03. feb, 2012, 16:32 »
Oh god! I totally forgot about this thread! Did someone invite you? I don't think one needs invites anymore. I think it's out of beta by now. Am i right? I really hope so, cos now i feel guilty for not inviting you when you asked for an invite...

Thanks! I'll give that one a try when it becomes necessary.  Prolly won't be that long before i need it tho.

Yea, i'm glad to see how the large sites are protesting this. However, i don't have as much faith in our government as you have. The DLD was just... Look at how much people protested, but they /still/ passed it. The govt doesn't care that much about the people.

I seriously hope so, but then again, the Norwegian govt loves to pass stuff. Just look at the over 6000 EU directives that have passed.

But there's still hope i suppose. In the US, for /years/, they have tried to pass stuff like SOPA, without success. I think they've tried for over 10 years to get something like that passed. Makes me wonder if this has been tried for long in Norway...

That's right, it's being discussed here in Norway as well. Closing, and blocking, of web-sites, banning users from the internet, giving out private info without involving the police, etc. And they're discussing it in silence.

Spill / Steam Great Gift Pile Tradeoffs
« på: 24. des, 2011, 15:06 »
With Steams new trading section, we're now able to trade items and games. And with this new holiday season and it's many gifts (and coals), we may all have gotten items and games we don't want and want to either give them away or trade them for something else.

So i figured we might as well make a little trading topic here so we can pawn things off on someone else who might want what we don't need (or want).

I f,ex, have gotten a coupon for "-33% off on any (one) Valve games" and coupon that gives me a "Hitman collection" (Silent assassin, blood money and codename 47". And as it would seem, i already own all Valve games, and i don't care about hitman games at all. But maybe one of you /do/? So then you can have it/them from me for free. I don't need anything back, but it would be nice to see what others have to spare so maybe i can get a fun game for christmas too!

So list your unwanted (steam) christmas gifts here so others may enjoy what you don't want.

Like i said, i have so far these items to give away.

- 1 coupons for "-33% off of any (one) Valve game).
- 1 coupons for "-50% off of any (one) Valve game).
- A coupon for "Hitman collection".
- A coupon for "Hitman - Blood Money".
- A coupon for "The Orange Box"
- A coupon for -10% off an Activision game.
- A coupon for -50% off the Oddworld Box (which is on sale right now for 75% off btw:p)

Any takers? They're free for grabs.

Tøydyr / Another site for us rich people to check out:p
« på: 10. des, 2011, 05:09 »
Just thought people should know about this site. Prices aren't bad at all and they look great. It's in Denmark, but they ship to Norway.

Spill / Sv: Hva spiller du for tiden?
« på: 10. okt, 2011, 20:36 »
Still playing Minecraft, but i also got (Prepare to die!) Dark Souls, today! Other than that, i do the occasional Super Mario Galaxy 2 and L4D2 every now and then.

Spill / Sv: WoW [World Of Warcraft]
« på: 04. aug, 2011, 14:52 »
I've decided to delete my horde character that is in the guild on the server(on horde, and it is because i can only have 1 DK on the server, and i want it on ally side). I would very much appreciate it if someone could add my other character that i made, which is only lvl 1 atm. I only added that one to take care of my items until i make a different horde character. His name is Jhansi. I prolly won't level that class as i don't really like it (paladin), but i dunno. I might. I'm starting to like the mage class, so i will prolly make one of those later.

And feel free to add him as a friend.

Spill / Sv: WoW [World Of Warcraft]
« på: 03. aug, 2011, 20:41 »
Strangers?? I don't think so! Lions don't like strangers. I'll try to look them up tho, just in case:p

EDIT: Oh, and if any of the ones in that guild reads this, i wouldn't mind an invite. But i kinda wanna "test the waters" first. I may not like it in the guild. The ally character i play there is named Rhoodah, and is a lvl 21 Mage. And for the record, i'm /not/ playing wow all hardcore and completely into it. I'm only casual with this game. I play on and off when i feel like it. And i don't mind at all to help people with quests and stuff. I share what i /can/ share, but i'm not a place where everyone can just come and get free stuff. And mostly, and i can't stress this enough, i don't like it if i keep helping people a lot, and then, when /i/ need help, everyone is suddenly all busy and can't help me. I can't think of anything more annoying than that. It's ok if it happens once in a while, but if i have to keep asking over and over again for help, and nobody helps me, i'm out of the guild. I can't stand people who takes advantage of others like that.

Spill / Sv: WoW [World Of Warcraft]
« på: 03. aug, 2011, 16:35 »
I picked the game up today to play my much missed worgen mage:p Any guilds on ally side? Bronze Dragonflight here. My character there is only lvl 20 as of right now, and i'm still a noob at playing with a mage.  Could still use a guild or something to be in.

For the Norwegian-impaired / Sv: Google+ invite for everyone!
« på: 01. aug, 2011, 00:31 »
I think g+ is better than facebook. I've already moved over from there. Facebook is so 2001:p (When was facebook launched anyway?).

Spill / In the mood for some indie gaming?
« på: 30. jul, 2011, 16:44 »
Just thought i'd let everyone know about this awesome deal that's going around these days.

EDIT: The bundle is now expired. Too bad for those who didn't buy it!:p

For the Norwegian-impaired / Sv: Google+ invite for everyone!
« på: 30. jul, 2011, 15:43 »
Now I am also curious about it.

Could you send me invite to :  ?

Sent! I also added you to my NorPaws circle^^,

I'm interested in Google+. Would love an invite.

By the way, does anybody know when it goes public?

I need an email to send you an invite. You do have one, right? Gimme!^^,

EDIT: Actually, i just sent one to the email you have registrated on here:p Let me know if you got the invite. As in, if you didn't, let me know.

For the Norwegian-impaired / Sv: Google+ invite for everyone!
« på: 28. jul, 2011, 13:52 »
Phew, good thing i didn't wait too long to go here and see if anyone else wanted an invite. I've been so busy the past few days. Anyways, sent!

Bjeff! Mjau! Mø! / Sv: Eksplosjon i oslo!
« på: 23. jul, 2011, 11:23 »
We have the  name of one of the heroes of the island massacre now. Kasper Ilaugh. You can read his story here:

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