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Well I guess it goes to show that America and Russia aren't too terribly dissimilar culturally...

Musikk / Sv: Rock'N'Roll!
« på: 17. mar, 2008, 05:17 »

I did six years in the US Army...only though...when I joined I didn't quite own up to the fact that I was now sure, I would jerk off to to gay furry porn, but you know. I'm not gay...I love the vagina, or so I would convince myself...

At any still amazes me to this day how Americans like to think of themselves as 'progressive' and 'modern'...however the vast majority of the population still believes that if a gay guy is near them they'll get AIDS or spread 'the gay' to their children. It's this thinking though that's lead to one of the worst, yet most necessary evils that the US Military has come up with, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." I say evil because it is government sanctioned discrimination against a chuck of our population...however, I say necessary because of what I mentioned above. I've met several people in the Army who think it's okay to beat/kill gays because...well they're not really people in their was hard to bite your tongue in those situations...

Anyway...I'm going to hush now before I rant anymore and I apologize if I'm off topic  [blush]

Spill / Sv: Steam
« på: 17. mar, 2008, 05:06 »
du kan finne meg på Steam som 'fawkseh'

Spill / Sv: Portal
« på: 12. mar, 2008, 02:04 »

Underholdning / Sv: Ditt skrivebord
« på: 29. feb, 2008, 03:47 »
Jeg er enig ;D
fant det på e621 :P
e621 > fchan :D

jeg ha aldri hørt til jeg blott gikk å der og wow! veldig fin  [razz]

og...Gray Fang...det er smexy også! <3

Underholdning / Sv: Ditt skrivebord
« på: 28. feb, 2008, 04:05 »
Aikho...det wuff er smexy *drools*  [eek]

Introduksjoner / Sv: Hey! =D
« på: 28. feb, 2008, 04:01 »
heihei og velkommen *danset*  [razz]

Introduksjoner / Sv: Heihei..
« på: 28. feb, 2008, 03:59 »
Heisann og takker for hadde våkt meg på FA  [ureshii]

I'm sorry to hear about your car...I know that must not be very pleasant. My new car is currently in the shop now getting some repair work done because of an accident that was caused by Chicago's shitty weather. Well not so much the weather as the fact that the city doesn't know how to take care of roads...

/rant very first car was a 1978 Chevy Nova( that my dad taught me to maintain. The deal was that, I get to drive at age 16, if and only if, I learn how to take care of the car and perform what ever maintenance it needed. Well needless to say that I had to get a job and I worked my butt off and learned a lot about working on cars...I had installed new exhaust on it, brake pads, and your basic day to day stuff like oil changes and what have you.

What wound up happening to it was, that, my father being a recruiter for the Army had talked me into joining the Army myself...and during my initial training period my parents wound up selling the car without telling me. Man I was furious...then my next car was a crummy little 4banger, but it was a good A to B car and got good gas mileage.

Again though, I'm sorry to hear about your accident and I'm glad to hear that you had someone to take care of you. Sometimes having someone to cuddle with makes all the difference in the world.  [ureshii]

Musikk / Sv: Hva hører du på?
« på: 27. feb, 2008, 02:20 »
The Safety Dance:

Jeg er en nerd  [sad]

Introduksjoner / Sv: Ny Tiger-Agder: Purr...
« på: 25. feb, 2008, 05:49 »
Hei og velkommen, fint å møtt deg  [ureshii]

Introduksjoner / Sv: Logen Felxon
« på: 25. feb, 2008, 05:44 »
*riste pote* Heisann, hyggelig å treffe deg.

Unnskyld hvis mitt norsk er ikke mitt først språk 

Film / Sv: Anime
« på: 25. feb, 2008, 05:39 »
Jeg føle bare anime jeg følge er Naruto  [blush]

Film / Sv: Siste Filmen du så var:
« på: 25. feb, 2008, 05:29 »
Siste ny filmen? Eller siste god filmen?  [razz]

ny: Cloverfield
god: The Princess Bride

Introduksjoner / Sv: Hallo alle sammen :o
« på: 23. feb, 2008, 17:58 »
Regandor: Yes, wuffs do rock! I mean come on, they're just sssooooo tasty and nom-able. What's not to love about em?

Gray Fang: I'm very sorry to hear that and it's a good thing you're alright...that's all thats important, we can always get a new car.

Introduksjoner / Sv: Hallo alle sammen :o
« på: 23. feb, 2008, 07:22 »
Txik: *shakes paw* Nice to meet you  [ureshii] I could go into an awfully long rant about Americans and the majorities extreme ethno/geocentric mentalities and how it's harming our global image...but I'll save that for another thread.

Regandor: We have something in common...we both have a gray wolf for a boyfriend and we both love our respective wolves :o Have you ever been to any cons before? I haven't myself...I lack the courage for that  [eek]

Gray Fang: The only way to get good at drawing is to practice, practice, and practice some more! I know I'm not one to talk since I've really drawn anything in a while...but all the same it's something that is very important to any developing artist. What kind of car do you drive? I kinda just bought a new 2007 Subaru WRX and the poor thing is already in the auto body shop...I blame the absolutely shitty roads in Chicago [sad]

roo_fan: Your english is MUCH better than most people I talk to online so no need to apologize  [razz] I too love driving and listening to music...I bought my car new in May and have already put 24.000 km on it [eek] What kind of music do you like?

Thanks all again for the warm welcome and I look forward to talking with you in future  [ureshii]

Underholdning / Sv: Ditt skrivebord
« på: 22. feb, 2008, 04:10 »
Jaja...det er Zorori, men jeg ha ikke se et anime.  [blush]

Introduksjoner / Sv: Hallo alle sammen :o
« på: 22. feb, 2008, 02:30 »
Regandor: Hyggelig å treffe deg også  [smile] Thanks for the watch on FA and the complements! Admittedly my writing isn't really that good since I have the luxury of being able to take my time on internet and make sure the words I'm using are correct.  [blush]

Gray Fang: takk og dets hyggelig å kjenne det jeg vil ikke være ett her [ureshii]

I have many other interests outside of Norwegian. I like to draw, although time and motivation haven't helped me in that regard...I like to play games on my PC (Counter Strike: Source mostly), cook, read, and I also like to go hiking. But unfortunately work keeps me tied up way too much, so I don't get to spend as much time as I like doing those things...

What are some of your interests?

...and what's this about a hidden part of the forum?  [razz]

Underholdning / Sv: Ditt skrivebord
« på: 21. feb, 2008, 04:25 »
Min? Oh nei...jeg fant det på  [blush]

Introduksjoner / Sv: Hallo alle sammen :o
« på: 20. feb, 2008, 21:43 »
takk for et varm velkommen  [ureshii]

There is no particular reason...I 'spose it started when my boyfriend (min sexy ulv *drools*) mentioned that his grandparents immigrated to the US from Norway during WW2. And having just read a book called "The Ravens," which is about the secret war in Laos during Vietnam, I realized that outside of America...there is a whole world out there with a rich history that I've never been told about, well then I pointed my muzzle towards Norway. Then BAM! Instant Norwegianiac...and yea. It's pretty recent, about two to three weeks ago I started making an active effort to learn the language and I like to think I've came far enough to where I can understand basic grammar principles and can hold a very basic conversation...I'm a quick learner when I'm motivated :) and believe you me, I am very motivated...for no rational reason for course.  [puzzled]

Thanks for the compliment too, I wish I had the time to draw more keeps me too busy.

roo_fan: *riste pote* takk, hyggelig å treffe deg :)

VVolfsong: jaja jeg vil foretrekke at du skriver norsk å hjelp meg lærne. Også...correct me when I say something stupid or if what I'm saying doesn't make any sense. Takk  [cool]

wolftale: Thanks for the tip and I intend to enjoy myself...seems like a great group for furs here. *licks*

Underholdning / Sv: Ditt skrivebord
« på: 20. feb, 2008, 18:36 »
Her er min, jeg liker minimalisme~

Introduksjoner / Hallo alle sammen :o
« på: 20. feb, 2008, 17:32 »
Hei! Mitt navm er ban og jeg er en generisk rødrev fra Chicago.  [eek] Jeg verk så en informasjonssikkerhet konsulent og jeg også tenge fra tid å tid... ( - NSFW)

Norsk er ikke mitt forst språk, men jeg er læring...

...and that's about the best I can do at the moment. For reasons I can't explain, for the passed two to three weeks I have been obsessed about's just such an awesome country, not to mention the language is beautiful. And this obsession doesn't seem to be going away either...

That sounds pretty weird I'm sure...but anyhoot, I'm learning as much as I can about the language and culture, and I figured the one of the best ways learn would be too reach out to the furry community in Norway. Simply because furry's are the nicest people I've met and I'm sure that quality is transitive  [ureshii]

All the same though, I hope you guys don't mind a silly American fox stalking around and please don't hesitate to correct me if I butcher the language too much  [blush]


Pelskunst / Sv: Fur Affinity kontoer
« på: 17. feb, 2008, 01:21 »

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